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The Law Offices of Christopher W. Hoyt

Entertainment Law

Whether you are just starting out in the entertainment or sports industry or are already established, the Law Offices of Christopher W. Hoyt seeks to advise you not only on short term projects but provides you with legal guidance throughout the course of your career. We help you make informed decisions from the outset and work closely with you as your career develops. Some of the services we offer to our entertainment and sports clients include, but are not limited to, negotiating and drafting contracts, forming and advising corporations, limited liability companies and other business ventures,and arranging co-productions and joint ventures with both domestic and foreign companies.


  • Recording Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Music Publishing Contracts
  • Songwriter Agreements
  • Side Artist Agreements
  • Copyright Registration/Infringement
  • Management Agreements
  • Music Licensing Agreements
  • Producer Contracts
  • Agency and Touring Agreements
  • Merchandising Agreements
  • Commercial Appearances, Endorsements and Sponsorships
  • Music and Sampling Clearances


  • Copyright Registration/Infringement
  • Talent Release Forms
  • Master Use and Synchronization
  • Film and Video Licensing
  • Distribution Agreements
    (national and international)
  • Film/Script Option Confidentiality Agreements
  • Merchandising
  • Life Story Option Agreements
  • Film Financing
  • Production Agreements
  • Theatrical Productions

Multimedia Publishing:

  • Sponsorship Agreements
  • Internet Services Agreements
  • Organization of Charitable Foundations and Other Tax-exempt Entities
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Broadway Theater and Other Live Theatrical Productions
  • Content and Software Licenses
  • Literary Publishing
  • Internet Law
  • Technology Licensing and Acquisitions
  • E-commerce

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